Summer outings

We greatly enjoyed our recent trip to the Stockway Nature Reserve where we met up with Valerie and Amanda who introduced us to the nature reserve, the pond and its life and the environment around it.  The children who went on this particular trip were able to do some pond dipping, with Miss Alex’s help to keep them safe.

Almost every time the net came up there was some life in it. We caught lots of newts, snails and dragon fly larvae which we put into a container. This allowed the children to observe them in closer details and they were also able to handle the newts if they wanted to.

We then released everything back into the pond to continue its life until the next time they might get caught by the next pond dipping session.

We were also taught a lot about the different bird boxes by Valerie, there are many that can be found in the reserve and we managed to see most of them, the children were brilliant at finding them and also matching them to the picture cards that Valerie had supplied for the children.

Did you know that Robin’s like to have square openings and blue tits like small round openings? The blue tit boxes had to have the openings re-enforced with a metal plate to stop the woodpeckers getting to the eggs/young. We also learnt that butterflies like boxes that have vertical slots and ladybirds’ horizontal slots.

This term, we have also managed a ‘wet weather’ trip to help the children burn off some energy at the soft play area at Scotch Horn Leisure Centre which was greatly enjoyed by all.

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