Dens, dinosaurs and caves in the garden…

Playing with dinosaurs and learning their names (and pronouncing them!) always prove to be popular, and in the warmer summer days, there’s nowhere better than out in the garden to do this!

Den making went to a new realm when the sun came out and we used the see-through plastic to create a den with flowers on the top. The children greatly enjoyed lying down on the grass to admire their work!

The garden is the greatest place for the children to allow their imaginations to run wild. They are always able to create and imagine different scenarios. The Den is a den one moment then a cave, followed by another child uses the car as an ice cream van, a car, and then turns it on its side and it becomes a shop. There are no bounds to the children’s imagination when it’s allowed to run free!

The children also love to help water the plants in the garden to maintain their health and growth, we currently have strawberries and raspberries growing over in the corner, alongside our herbs lemon balm, mint and fennel. We also have some tomatoes in pots that will hopefully bear fruit in the near future.

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