2-5 yrs Nursery

Image: Inside the main learning area

Why Secret Garden for your child?
We want you to feel confident that your child is learning in a safe, happy and inspiring environment. Here’s how we strive to make it happen.

Kids love it!
Some Montessori schools are perceived to be a bit formal and stuffy. Ours definitely isn’t one of them. We have created a calm, homely environment where children are free to be themselves.

Each pupil has the freedom to move throughout the school and gardens as they wish. And don’t be surprised if you see one of the older children playing with the younger children -acting as a role model, setting an example by introducing materials and showing them how the activities work.

Image: Many tools for learning

Weekly updates on your child’s progress
As a loving parent, it’s natural to be curious about how well your little one is developing. But why would we tell you when we can show you? Each week we will send you two written observations, detailing how your child is progressing in a certain area. We also hold parent meetings during the summer term to discuss your child’s achievements face-to-face.  As well as this you will be able to discuss any issue that comes up with your child’s keyworker or the manager.

You get more flexibility
You are busy. We can accommodate that better than most nurseries. Secret Garden stays open for 46 weeks per year. And your child is welcome from 8am to 6pm. That’s quite unusual. For example the nearest Montessori nursery to us closes for holidays and is only open until 3pm during term time. Your son or daughter can join us for a morning session (8am – 1pm), an afternoon session (1pm – 6pm) or both.

Image: The Secret Garden’s own purpose built play garden

We get the little things right
Is there anything more important than knowing your child is being well looked after? At Secret Garden, healthy snacks and drinks are freely available during both morning and afternoon sessions. A tasty breakfast is offered at 8am, lunch at midday and tea at 4pm – with all food prepared on the premises using fresh ingredients. Children can even get involved with preparing meals if they like, peeling vegetables, weighing rice, cracking eggs – you name it.

Generous one-on-one time
Our pupil capacity is 24. That means each child in our care gets a really meaningful amount of one-to-one attention. In fact we insist on a minimum of one carer for every four children aged two, and one carer for every eight children aged between three and five.

Image: Natural materials provide re-assurance to pupils

Fabulous learning materials
Great learning materials can make all the difference – and we invest heavily. They are clean, smart and carefully maintained.

Governed by EYFS statutory framework
We insist on exacting standards of care, teaching and safety. But don’t just take our word for it. Secret Garden is monitored by Ofsted and subject to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory framework. We go way above what’s required in terms of core nursery regulations.

We make it as easy as possible for new pupils to settle in
Some children take a little while to adjust to a new environment. That’s okay. All new pupils at Secret Garden are eased in gently. Your child can start off with just a one hour session, then a couple of hours, gradually building to a full five hour session or a whole day.