Stretch and grow!

Our weekly Stretch and Grow session in the baby room with the older children.

In the run-up to the end of the summer term, we are enjoying some games and favourite activities from throughout the year in our sessions.

We like to start with a great new ‘hip hop’ warm-up song, which helps us to remember the importance of a warm-up before exercise. When we’re all warmed up with a focus on various games which encourage teamwork and eye/hand coordination. We are also planning to celebrate the end of term with a co-ordinated ‘hokey cokey’ dance which the children have also been practising. During our cool down we’ve been talking about the muscles we’ve learnt about throughout the year and good ways to stretch them – something useful and fun for the children and staff! down will be recollecting various muscles learnt throughout the year and how we can stretch them,

Our focus of the month continues with safety- links with Health & Self care in Physical development

In terms of Physical development, we are dancing, kicking, throwing, jumping, balancing, naming muscles and developing eye/hand coordination.

All of the exercises performed are linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

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