Summer butterflies

Miss Justyna hatched some butterflies from a Chrysalis with her daughter and very kindly brought them to nursery to allow the children as a group to watch the process of them being released into the garden.

In addition to the butterflies we also released some lady birds onto our Elder tree in the garden. We noticed that it was becoming very over run with aphids and with a bit of internet searching, found that the most natural way to remove the aphids was to get some ladybirds. Miss Paul consequently bought some and we put them into the tree very carefully using a paintbrush.

The children learnt that it is the larvae of the ladybird that eats the aphids not the actual lady birds. We have been watching the leaves very carefully waiting for the larvae to hatch and it didn’t take long at all.  They have been doing a fantastic job of eating the aphids, the numbers of which are greatly reduced, although we do think that some of this may also be down to the amount of torrential rain that we have had of late.

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