Montessori evenings

In reponse to requests from parents, Miss Paula will be introducting ‘Montessori Evenings’ in the Autumn Term. These will be specifically targeted at the parents of rising 4 ‘s who will be starting school in September 2020. The sessions will explain how we are preparing the children for starting school, following the Montessori method of learning and educating children.

While the children learn in their own way and own pace with Montessori teaching, our classrooms have very specific activities which meet EYFS requirements in a positive and all-inclusive way.

We will show parents how to work with these activities and also how to replicate them at home to support their children through this important transitional stage of their learning to be ‘school ready’. One of the most important skills they will learn in this last year of nursery is independence, which will also give them greater confidence about starting school.

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