Autumn Term

We are already looking forward to our new term starting on Monday 2nd of September and welcoming our new children and families into our Nursery. During the first few weeks of term we will re-introduce all of the materials and activities on the shelves, so that both new and older children alike have a comprehensive understanding of all activities. Also, we will go over the ground rules of the nursery so that the children understand the importance of safety and respect and also that they feel secure and safe within the nursery.

One of the other areas we will focus on during this term is families, so we would welcome any pictures of your family to put up on our family board.

Biomes and Geography will be one of our topics of interest this term, following on from children’s holidays and new or familiar places that they may have explored or visited.

We will take a look at the world and the continents, followed by countries, national flags, people and animals. This helps the children to gain an understanding of the whole picture – from the largest element, to the smallest particle within geography.

The first continent will be Europe and the continents map that we have in the science room shows the separate countries, also within Europe. See Nienhuis puzzle maps.

Outside the classroom, one of our highlights of the week is our Forest School trips where all the older children will have the opportunity for a block of five sessions. We are hoping to extend the number of sessions as it is such a wonderful opportunity for outdoor learning, adventure, exercise and fun.

On the outdoor theme, we are also planning to introduce a ‘Beach School’ with trips over to Clevedon where we can explore the beach and all its treasures. Also, on the back of a great trip last term to Stockway Nature Reserve, we are planning more of these trips which were interesting, informative and greatly enjoyed by the children. They are fascinated by the natural environment and Stockway provides a special opportunity for them to learn more about it and also how to protect it.

Our new term will also see a new menu as we are reviewing our current one with the intention of introducing more organic and vegetarian meals. If you have any great meal suggestions or personal favourites of your child, please let us know and we will incorporate where we can in our menu plan.

Last, but not least, we would also love to hear from any parents who would like to come in to the Nursery and chat about their occupation to the children at group time. Previously we have enjoyed hearing about the life of a Doctor, Vet, Teacher, Librarian, Accountant, Musician, Artist and an Oceanographer. It’s a great way to inspire and educate… but be prepared for questions, especially unusual ones! Please get in touch if you would be interested in doing this.

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