Mud, balance and mindfulness in the forest

Forest School is always a highlight for the staff and children of the nursery, this summer’s outings being no exception.

The slightly wet start to the summer was an ideal opportunity to enjoy mud in the forest – glorious mud, perfect for puddle jumping and painting pictures! There was much hilarity when we poured water onto the ground to make the mud as the water feed in the forest has air pockets so lots of funny sounds followed by a surge of water which sprayed out. The children showed great strength and teamwork carrying the water containers and good balance came in handy too!

We have also greatly enjoyed using ropes strung between trees to practice balancing, walking and also learning to climb up the tree trunk.

The children also collected plants and flowers and then using a child sized hammer, we found a solid surface where the children places the flowers onto the tree trunk, put the material over the top and then gently hit the cloth with the hammer. The children wer fascinated to see how well some of the plants details transferred onto the cloth. We plan to sew them together soon and create a wonderful long piece of bunting for the nursery.

At the end of one of our recent trips we all enjoyed a moment of ‘mindfulness’ by just enjoying the end of a busy day, standing still and letting rain drops fall on our heads. Some of the simple pleasures in life which connect us to special moments with nature.

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