Creativity in the outdoors

In June, some of our nursery staff attended a regional meeting of Montessori teachers in Clifton. Sadly, due to the weather the workshop was indoors but this did not stop us learning about Creativity in the outdoors.

We looked at how to inspire children without interfering, and how an individual piece of artwork, can be brought together as a large connected artwork, in which all the children can contribute to the story and visual dialogue behind the artwork.

We also looked at loose parts play which offers an opportunity for the child’s expression and the bigger and more varied the collection is, the more inspiring it can be.  Many of the parts can be collected from the outdoors, with flowers, leaves, petals, stones, bark etc similar to what we do at Forest School where we collect things from the forest floor.

But it was the last part of the meeting that particularly hit a note for attendee Mandy who has been exploring story telling with the children, through story dice, games, crafts etc and Sarah OD introduced us to a book call “The Princess and the Dragon and the Helicopter” This book has lots of suggestions about how to get children telling their stories and acting them out, experiencing the delight of being an author. It is suggested that you make a little stage area with curtains for the children to act out their stores, to make them more special, as everyone claps at the end, like a real audience. We are looking forward to exploring this with the children – photos to follow!

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