Forest School leavers picnic

We headed into the woods for our Forest School Leavers picnic to enjoy some end of term fun and adventure. The children helped to gather firewood and map out the forest parameter with our red flags, whilst others helped to tie the balancing ropes and hammock.

After some exploring and games, we gathered the children around the fire circle to prepare lunch and build a fire, lighting it with ou ‘dragon’s sneeze spark thrower’, much to the delight of the children.

While lunch was cooking, we made paper crowns and decorated them with treasures from the forest i.e. leaves, flowers and other things that they found on the ground. We are always impressed at the creativity of the children in finding a great array of natural and colourful materials for this type of activity.

After our delicious lunch, we ventured back into the forest again where some of the children balanced and climbed on the ropes, others made clay animals with twigs and foraged materials… while others took some time to relax in the hammock!

They made badgers, hedgehogs, a bird and even a volcano! Then decided to make a village on the forest floor to house them all.

The village was a beautiful creation, with so much detail and thought behind every twig and leaf placed. We had such a lovely time and were sad when it was time to leave and say goodbye to the forest… until our next adventures!

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