Behaviour management – ‘setting limits’

At Secret Garden Montessori Nursery, our model of behaviour management follows an empathetic structure, by encouraging a nurturing connection and genuine understanding when conflict arises. Through offering gentle but firm limits, children become more in touch with their emotions and in time feel accepted and valued even in their times of disequilibrium. 

We understand that when a child is upset, they are unable to access the logical thinking part of the brain, which allows them to self-regulate. It is our job here to lend our own ability to self-regulate by stepping in with a limit whilst offering our caring support. This in time will strengthen the child’s own abilities to bounce back from upset and process their emotions in a healthy way. 

We want the children in our care to become natural communicators and problem solvers, capable of real empathy towards others, starting with the acceptance of their own feelings and emotions. 

This approach to behaviour management draws from current research into how our children’s emotions work and their developmental capabilities.

We feel that this is in keeping with the core Montessori principles of respect and promotion of autonomy. 

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